Tech is Power. Take it.

Create Your Destiny.

Tech is the most powerful industry in the world. It can help you reach your dreams. It can give your voice the potential to solve diverse problems in our city, our nation and the world.That’s why we’re calling on women tech founders, rising leaders and supporters to join our adventure.

Let’s balance the power of tech while reaching your goals.

We’re advancing women in tech through events.

We’re a women-led, men-supported grassroots organization that uses events to showcase, advance and connect female tech founders. Our Founder STORIES and EVENTS highlight the diversity of those who are challenging the traditional industries with fresh tech-based solutions. We do this to advance today’s leaders, while inspiring and educating future leaders of every industry.

Never in history has there been a better opportunity for women to build and scale solutions that can change — everything.

Stories of Visionary Women.

We tell stories and lessons to advance women in the tech ecosystem, from aspiring founders to leading funders.

We use the stories, video and networking events to build deep connections, drive profitability, and infuse diversity into tech.

Our vision is a tech industry that drives everyone’s potential to reach their dreams, advance business, and change the world.



Changing lives.

Gereltuya Batdemberel

Gereltuya Batdemberel

“I have to say that you changed my life. At one of your Women Tech Founders’ events, I actually found a path to reach my dream. If you did not hold that event, I would not have been who I am today.”

Gereltuya Batdemberel, Agile Developer at I.C Stars |★

WTF provides an opportunity for:

  • Students and aspiring women to connect with women tech founders
  • Women tech founders to connect with investors
  • Investors to connect with innovative women-led startup companies
Katy Ekler-Lynch

Katy Ekler-Lynch

“Hearing the WTFs speak with such strength and passion about their startup journeys coupled with WTF’s desire to authentically diversify tech energized and excited me–it was the last push I needed and I decided to jump in–they gave me hope and energy. Now, I’ve completed the Startup Institute and will be joining the ThinkCERCA EdTech team!”

Katy Erker-Lynch, Community Builder and Relationship Manager

WTF also creates opportunities for young women and men, from challenging environments, to learn from and network with tech leaders in the community.

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