Sponsors receive…

  • Early access to invest in the newest and most exciting startup offerings
  • Opportunities to engage with emerging and innovative women in tech
  • Prominent recognition including media advertising and speaking opportunities
  • Exclusive networking, unique exhibiting, and video marketing opportunities

Who attends WTF events?

WTF events attract diverse women and aspiring leaders to stand united in support for change in the industry. Our events are attended by the Who’s Who of women in tech, from city government officials to CEOs of large and small corporations.

WTF builds talent.

  • We’re building the talent pipeline for diversity in the startup ecosystem.
  • We’re increasing the chances that game-changing technologies, services and products will be developed and flourish.
  • We’re increasing a diverse fellowship of world-class talent and high-performing startups.

We’re engaging thousands of rising leaders each year.

We’re reaching founders, leaders and technologists through live events and media. We’ll continue to:

  • inspire women to enter the tech industry and direct them to resources
  • showcase successful women tech founders and rising leaders
  • grow our video library, events, and founder outreach

Your sponsorship makes our work possible.

We inspire women to reach their dreams through technology. In doing so, we build diversity in tech and related industries. Research shows that diversity helps solve tech and social challenges and builds more resilient, successful companies that achieve greater returns using less capital.

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