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Julie Novack of PartySlate

Julie Novak shares the lightbulb moment that led to PartySlate,  a revolutionary digital platform that is inspiring and connecting the party industry. "Should you hire a digital agency or build your own team? What should you look for in your first employees?" Julie...

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The Launch

#LessonsLearned Stories of Visionary Women in Tech. In the spirit of inspiration, education, and connection, we bring you the Lessons Learned blog series. For the next 12 weeks we are tapping inspiring founders and business leaders to share with you their learnings...

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Dima Elissa Dima talks about the value of execution over analysis paralysis.   Dima Elissa on LifeCrafting her career.

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Brenna Berman

CIO of Chicago, Brenna Berman, talks about the opportunities the city has to educate boys and girls in STEM. Brenna Berman describes Chicago's leadership team, and the reason the city has successfully balanced gender diversity at the...

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Ann Marie

Ann Marie shares an experience that pushed her to the next level in her career. Ann Marie explains her reason for choosing a career as a VC, and the belief she had to make her vision become a reality.

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