Addelise Inc.

Addelise Inc.
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Addelise is a team of woman creatives that offers full service marketing capabilities. We create brand envy and everywhere+ness for our clients by sharing the story of your why and translating that into the brand design, identity visible digital experience.
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Tanya Smith, President of Addelise, is an experienced business executive with over 10+ years of focused business development, brand development, marketing, sales strategies, corporate event planning and social media development. Tanya, has successfully implemented sales and marketing strategies for major corporations and has effectively increased revenue by 50% for a multi million dollar firm in her previous role. Tanya, is an entrepreneur; mother, wife, lover of life and helping others achieve their dreams.

Tanya and her co-creative Jessica are committed to offering clients full service marketing capabilities for branding, developing, engaging, inventing and eventing.

Successful branding opens the door to building a lasting relationship with a committed following. Trust is established in the brand identity and essence, striking the emotion of and filling a need for the audience. The right brand with the perfect service or product will keep them engaged and wanting more.

Creating your digital footprint is more than simply being visible online — it is the key to unlocking a brand’s everywhere+ness℠ Addelise creates brand envy and everywhere+ness℠ by integrating your digital spaces through web and social media platforms. Connecting your following to your world. In a world of everywhere and anytime, digital is what allows brands to unfold in far-reaching and powerful ways—it’s time to embrace this online space that keeps growing and morphing into something new. Are you excited? We are!! Embrace the power of your everywhere+ness℠.

Are you stuck on something in your business that you feel is holding you back from pushing it forward? Addelise offers over 13+ years of professional and business development expertise. Inventing just became a whole lot easier and creative. Our team can help you bring new life to a marketing and sales strategy, proposal, ad campaign, or to your internal team if they need a bit of shaping up. Addelise offers full service brand project management bringing years of business and go to market experience to your vision. We know what works, hence our everywhere+ness!

Addelise has over 10+ years of experience planning business meetings, corporate events, social gatherings, tradeshows, client appreciation dinners, corporate retreats, office parties, government tradeshows and conference events. Addelise is the expert in all things events. We manage corporate partner programs, rewards programs, all travel arrangements and accommodations. The quality and ease you get from working with a professional with multi faceted experience will literally blow your mind. Every detail will be accounted for.

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