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Women Tech Founders Q & A Series

Before we get started with our 5 WTF Questions, can you provide a little intro about CareContent, Inc.:

CareContent is a content marketing agency for healthcare organizations. We help hospitals, payer organizations, physician practices, and medical technology companies educate patients online.

Okay wonderful…so without further adieu, here are our handful of questions:

1. Diving right in…Kadesha, we understand start ups are launched based on solving a problem, what was your WTF moment and/or what problem was it you were looking to solve?

I worked in the marketing department of an academic medical center. It was totally dysfunctional so it made for a great learning experience. Hospitals have so much information to give to patients, especially those in the middle of medical crises, but they often don’t have the internal bandwidth to do it well. I started CareContent to help healthcare organizations offer better information and encouragement to patients who need it most. 

2. Most start-ups and entrepreneurs we’ve spoken with all said they had moments when they felt like they might not make it…but then overcame their obstacle. Can you share an experience  with our readers that might reflect this scenario and how you got past the rough spot/s it to get you to where you are?

When I first became serious about CareContent, I entered four business plan/pitch competitions. I made it to the top 5 finals—and lost every single one. That was discouraging. It made me think that the business was not viable. But my faith is a huge part of what keeps me going. I took that as a sign that God wanted me to do this relying on Him, not on money from winning a contest, not on some random judge that barely knows my industry. So far, that perspective has kept me going. 

3. That’s pretty powerful. And, it sounds like you trusted your gut. We’d love it if you could share what drives you, or who inspires you, to stay the course?

Again my faith is a huge driver. I think God sends the right people and opportunities to me at the right time. I’ve come to trust my faith, even when things don’t look to optimistic. As long as I keep giving the best effort, the rest is up to Him. My other inspiration is my family: my husband, my son, my mom and my friends. I want to be a resource to them to make sure we are financially well-positioned in the future, and I think starting a business is the best way to do that.

4. Since we have many up-and-coming women WTFer’s who follow the events and blog, could you offer them at least one piece of advice about tech or entrepreneurship.

Get out of the building.” That’s the axiom of the lean startup movement, but it rings true in other arenas as well. If you want to embark on something new, talk to 5 people who’ve done it. And keep talking to people at every step. Their insight can help you avoid land mines and show you that others have been there and done that.

5. Do you have a favorite quote?

“In God we trust. All others, bring data.” —Deming

Great quote! Your family must be very proud of you – we are – and we really appreciate you taking the time to provide answers for our 5 WTF Question Series. Again, thanks for sharing your inspiring journey.

For those looking to learn more about CareContent, please visit them at: 20 N. Upper Wacker Drive, Suite 1200. Chicago IL 60623, hours are between10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or call 312-532-1362.

Online you can find her at: CareContent.com

Much continued success and we hope to see you again at another event.

Cheers from,

Linda Barrett & Terri Brax

The WTF Q&A Series Team