Black women tech founders and leaders have been an integral part of the WTF community from the very beginning–from co-founding Women Tech Founders to serving on our Leadership Council to winning our Awards to pitching their companies to speaking at our events. With the recent national conversation on racism, there’s no better time than now to place a spotlight on the amazing Black tech women founders and leaders in our community. 

Black women are the nation’s fastest-growing demographic of entrepreneurs, yet the least likely to receive funding. Some of the key ways we can support them is by taking the time to learn about them and their companies, refer them to new business, buy from them, endorse them, and/or invest in them.  Below is a partial list of the Black women founders and leaders who have been role models in our community. Please add others to the  WTF business directory for future reference. 

  • Stella Ashaolu, Founder & CEO of WeSolvConnecting Diverse MBAs to Top Companies. 
  • Shayna Atkins, Founder & Senior Product Manager of Atkco,Inc. A Lean-Agile product development and design firm.
  • Feyi Olopade Ayodele, Founder & CEO of Cancer IQ, Inc. Helps healthcare providers use genetic information to predict, preempt, and prevent cancer across populations in both urban and rural settings.
  • Donna Beasley, President & Publisher of Kazoom Kids Books. Helping Children Grow Up Proud!
  • Star Cunningham, Founder & CEO of 4D Healthware, LLC. Moving the mind of medicine.
  • Shaniqua Davis, Founder & CEO of Noirefy. Built for Diversity. Built for You.
  • Ce Cole Dillon, CEO of Student Loan 411, LLC. Pay For Your Life, Not Just Your Student Loans. 
  • Shante Elliot, Founder of TasselTurn. Changing the lives of homeless and foster-involved youth by matching youth with virtual education coaches.
  • Pandwe Gibson, President & Founder of EcoTech Visions. An incubator and makerspace that assists entrepreneurs in creating, planning & launching innovative and “green” manufacturing businesses.
  • Keisha Howard, Founder of Sugar Gamers. Our organization connects brands with diverse consumers who are eager for content & products relevant to geek culture.
  • Erika Jefferson, Founder & President of Black Women in Science & Engineering. Bridging the leadership gap for Black women in STEM.
  • Sandee Kastrul, President & Co-Founder of i.c. stars. We Find Talent, Train Talent And Help Put Talent To Work.
  • Riana Lynn, Founder & CEO of JourneyFoods. Technology that improves food science and supply chain inefficiencies in order to feed 8 billion people better.
  • Nichelle McCall, Co-Founder of Bramework. Save Time, Improve SEO, and Increase Brand Awareness!
  • Jamila Parham, Founder of The Tech Unicorn. Changing the face of technology by addressing the lack of diversity in the tech industry.
  • Makeda Ricketts, Founder & CEO of Pink Think. Creates interest-powered and peer-supported web and mobile games that make (S)cience, (T)echnology, (E)ngineering, and (M)ath education powerful, relevant, and engaging for girls.
  • Alysia Sargent, Co-Founder of Go Dutch Today. A mobile platform in the dating app ecosystem comprised of a community of people that understand that each person will be fiscally responsible for their portion of the date.
  • Jasmine Shells, Co-Founder of CEO of Five to Nine. Helps organizers manage and evaluate internal company programs with ease.
  • Amanda Spann, Founder of The App Accelerator. An online training program for non-technical founders who are ready to execute their app ideas and expand their businesses without the technical overwhelm.
  • Ty’Lisha Summers, Co-Founder of SpenDebt. Spend money. Add micropayments. Payoff debt. Spend away your debt!
  • Shana Thomas, Founder of IM-WORTHY. Blog supporting busy women on their wellness.
  • Denise Umubyeyi, Co-Founder of Five to Nine. A culture engagement platform that increases employee connectivity and inclusion while providing analytics to drive people strategy.
  • Chanay Walton, Founder & CEO of MyPay Circle, Inc. Payment arrangements made simple.

Please contact us at if you would like to add more Black women founders & leaders to this list.