From CRMs to suites, it can feel like you’re drowning in different web applications, services, and platforms to manage your business. While every company’s needs differ, we’ve compiled a list of seven different platforms we think can help you best manage your emails, documents, meetings, and more.  

Stripe allows businesses to easily receive payments digitally, through a portal card swiper that attaches to a phone or iPad through the headphone jack. Stripe is a must for any company selling a product on the go. 

Google Suite brings the convenience of Drive, Gmail, Hangouts (which becomes Meets at the end of October), and every other Google product together, but for your business. With customized domains for emails and easy integration with Slack, Asana, and other platforms, you’re going to find the best multi-purpose organization system here. 

Envato Elements: What your website, blog, visualization, or presentation needs is a photo, font, or something else to make it stand out. But where can you find more than just your average font library or a photo without royalties attached? Envato Elements is your go-to for getting the extras to make your designing easier. 

Adobe Illustrator: In addition to the benefits of the rest of the Adobe Suite and Creative Cloud, Illustrator makes creating, editing, and bringing your content to life that much easier. The program allows you to create anything from web logos to complex graphics in one space with as many tools to spice up your work as you can possibly imagine. 

Slack Integrations: We all love Slack, and if your company doesn’t use it yet, it needs to start. But what’s even better than being able to create channels, use keywords, and even have custom emojis to organize your internal communications is the integration Slack has with basically any other software. With Google Drive integration, the ability to create your Slack apps, and more, you can make your communication streamlined and more effective than ever. 

We hope this helps you navigate the seemingly endless stream of different organization systems you could use for your business. Stay tuned: We’ll be sharing additional WTF-approved sites in upcoming Digests!

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Riana Lynn is a leader in food innovation, technology, and venture strategy. As a scientist and serial entrepreneur, Riana has developed high-growth, nationally recognized technology, and food businesses.